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Syntheticomp Companies is a Texas based company dealing in EV Charging Stations, Mobile Security Solutions and LED Fixtures & Luminaire. We are MBE (Minority Business Enterprise), HUB (Historically Underutilized Business), SBE (Small Business Enterprise), DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) and Section 3 certified firm from City of Houston and State of Texas.

As we look towards future, there is constant pursuit to keep up with changing technology. We have partnered with manufacturers who provide cutting edge equipment.

EV Bolt is Texas based EV Charging Company providing cutting-edge AC and DC Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).

We provide the highest-quality EVSE technology as well as the capacity to manage all aspects of electric charging station installation, from needs assessment to final commissioning.

As the demand for Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEG) will rise exponentially, EV BOLT is well poised to meet and exceed the needs

Rise Up Tec is a manufacturer of Mobile Security Trailers, offering cutting edge technologies such as LiDAR, Radar, Video, Thermal and PIR in our solar powered security solutions. Rise Up Tec brings innovative solutions to public and private commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational, and residential customers across the world.

Over thirty years’ experience designing and manufacturing automotive, electrical, industrial, and solar solutions, their most talented engineering team has developed highly customizable platforms, suiting your application needs.

The world needs critical technological solutions and infrastructure structures to meet the growing demands. Factories, schools, and hospitals are a few places people’s life depends on every day. Companies and businesses need reliable power management to meet the challenges and keep the spaces well-lit.

 Impulse Lighting is committed to providing the best lighting solutions to improve the lives of people and the environment through our high-quality lighting products. For nine years, Impulse Lighting have been working towards the goal of creating lighting solutions that are energy-efficient, sustainable, and can impact lives.

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