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  • Stylish durable design
  • Switchable from 48A to 16A
  • Max. ouput power: 11.5kw
  • Top quality PC with VO Injection & painting: Anti UV
  • IK013 & IP65 for indoor & outdoor use
  • ROD CCID20
  • SAEJ1772 charging plug and 18ft cable
  • Network connectivity OCPP 1.6J (2.0 compatible)
  • 4.3- LCD optional
  • LED Indicator
  • 4G / WW1 / Lan Emergency stop


The APEX 10 is a rapid, Level 2 EV charging station capable of providing up to 11,500 Watts, designed with the future in mind. It’s an industry-leading device, from its elegant plug-and-play design to its innovative internal technologies.

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